When you find yourself beginning to feel a bond between yourself and the people you photograph, when you laugh and cry with their laughter and tears, you will know you are on the right track. - Arthur Fellig

About Mark Ng

Once upon a time, Mark was a full-time photographer for the Singapore Armed Forces and had the distinct pleasure of trudging through jungles and mud in search of that perfect frame, although he was much more at home in an air-conditioned studio shooting fine art portraits. These days he spends his time with his nose firmly buried in legal texts as he seeks to be admitted as advocate and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore. However, in his spare time (a rare and precious commodity) he delights in capturing the essence of the moment in front of the camera. The simplest of looks, the subtlest of hints to tease, to tantalize, to evoke the most pronounced sense of desire in you, the viewer. To find that special bit of je ne sais quoi and to produce sights that are truly Sexy, Sensual and Smooth.
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